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Bull shark diving in Playa del Carmen
Close encounters with the queen's of the sea


Sharks do not want to eat you .  We are not as delicious as we think.  In fact we are much more dangerous to them than they are to us.  An estimated 100 million sharks are killed in the world every year.

Dive tourism not only helps dispel shark myths, but also cultivates ocean conservationists and protection in international waters. Bull sharks have a bad reputation as being aggressive and unpredictable , the media reports in shark attacks on humans and movies haven’t helped these majestic animals, when in reality most shark attacks are actually “test bites” and a total accident or mistake. 


Diving safely with them help us educate divers and people in general to understand the real nature of these beings and encourage everyone to pass on the message that “Sharks are friends”. Sharks are important large predators that help keep ocean ecosystems in balance, also eating dead and dying animals.


Bull sharks are migratory sharks that prefer warm waters, they can live in fresh or salt water, and every year pregnant females migrate to Playa del Carmen, in the search of the fresh water exiting the Cenotes. 


We receive them in Mexico from November to March each year. So if you are around for Bull shark season, get surrounded by our pregnant females in the open ocean at a depth of 24 meters, for an incredible experience, sharing the ocean waters, with these gentle beautiful ladies for a FINtastic time


Join us for a Bull shark dive morning or afternoon, followed by a shallow reef dive (12 m) in one of our Playa reefs. 

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