Cenote diving Tulum

Cenote Angelita 

"Little Angel"

Enjoy a once in a life time experience diving this deep circular shaped cenote just south of Tulum!

Play in the mystical cloud of hydrogen sulfur with big trunks and branches reaching outAscent  slowly along the decorated walls and admire the aerial views of the cloud and branches that slowly stay behind. 

Scuba diving cenote Angelita, near Tulum, is a journey, an hallucinogenic experience that you will never forget.

Location: 78 km south of Playa / 16 km South of Tulum  


Max depth: 30 m 


Certification level: Advanced Open Water Diver 


Min dive experience: 20 dives 

Cenote Car Wash 

Aktun ha 

With the water level just a few inches below ground, taxi drivers used to wash their cars at this cenote, hence it's common name "Car Wash".  Don't worry though, the water has been cleaned up a long time ago!

Enter the water through the roots and fallen trees, once inside, looking back towards the entrance, admire the panorama of the trees, fauna and lighting working together to create this amazing view.!

Car wash not only offers amazing formations, but also great fish and turtles encounters through the open water part of  the dive. Also, as it is a hotspot for cave diving in Mexico, you're likely to see some people training there!

Location: 69 km south of Playa / 9 km West of Tulum


Max depth: 16 m 


Certification level: Open Water Diver 


Min dive experience: 10 dives 

Casa Cenote

Meet "Panchito"

Dive the "jungle" underneath the mangroves of one of the few surface rivers on the Peninsula.  

Casa Cenote is connected to the ocean, giving us a fresh-salty dive, with the occasional halocline.  

Casa Cenote is home to many big tarpons, fresh and salt water fish and of course our resident "Panchito", a friendly crocodile that can sometimes be spotted taking his daily sunbaths. 

Casa cenote is a beautiful cavern dive, and due to the large open water area, it can also be a great place for a discover scuba experience or a PADI Open Water lesson! 

Location: 58 km south of Playa / 11 km North of Tulum

Max depth: 7 m 


Certification level: Open Water Diver 


Min dive experience:  Perfect for a first dive experience 

Cenote Calavera

"Temple of doom"

With a tricky entrance through a ground hole, this cenote dive right out of Tulum owns its name to the "skull" that the entrances in the ground form.

 "Calavera" is a huge room decorated with giant formations. We go around the hill in the center of the cavern, moving through different halocline layers.


The halocline here is really beautiful, creating all kinds of wonderful illusions. The water takes a characteristic blue hue in the salty layer, completely changing the feeling of the cavern!



Location: 63 km south of Playa / 3 km West of Tulum

Max depth: 18 m 


Certification level: Open Water Diver 


Min dive experience: 15 dives 


Location: 102 km South of Playa del Carmen / 40 km  South of Tulum

Cenote Arco Iris 

A hidden place

Cenote Arco Iris is for the adventurers. 

Deep in the jungle, a 300 m walk is necessary. But it'll be totally worth it.  


With nothing around it, this cenote will take you away from the crowds. 


Offering a deep dive, a halocline and a cloud of sulfur, this cenote seems to have it all. Encounter some blind fish as we go through the giant stalagmites at the bottom of the cenote. 


Ascend then slowly along the walls filled with small fossils and with the magic beams of light entering from above. 

Location: 102 km South of Playa del Carmen / 40 km  South of Tulum  


Max depth: 30 m 


Certification level: Advanced Open Water Diver 


Min dive experience: + 30 dives 

*Arco Iris cannot be chosen as a first dive when diving with us*

*Choose another cenote to do your 2 dive combo* 


2 Dives 

From Playa  $ 130 US

From Tulum $ 110  US

Equipment rental $ 25 US

(BCD -regulator - torch) 

*Soft equipment is included in the price (mask, fins and wetsuit). 

*Entry fees to the Cenotes are not included in the price*

Cenote Packages

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Playa del Carmen +52 777 438 70 60 


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