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Cenote Diving  between Playa and Tulum 

Location: 49 km south of Playa del Carmen / 19 km  North of Tulum

Cenote Dos Ojos  2 dives  

Barbie line - Bat cave 

A favorite among cenote divers in Mexico, "Cenote Dos Ojos" is a system of two neighboring cenotes which connect in one large cavern system with huge pillars and stalactites.

With only 10 m max depth, offering two dives, very different from each other, in a perfect visibility, it makes for a great first cenote dive on the Riviera Maya. 

Max depth: 10 m 


Certification level: Open Water Diver 


Min dive experience: 5 dives 

dos ojos.jpeg

Cenote The Pit 

Deep Dive 

Descending in the middle of the Cenote through a shallow halocline toward the hydrogen sulfur cloud at 30 m, you observe the tree branches emerge from the cloud. Using a multilevel profile, we slowly spiral up the huge underground room, exploring the huge overhanging formations, before we reach the ceiling at 10 m. We usually end up admiring the beams of sunlight entering the Cavern. Some prehistoric bones and Mayan pottery can also be found at The Pit. 

An All time cenote divers favorite!

Max depth: 30 m 


Certification level: Advanced Open Water Diver 


Min dive experience: 30 dives 

cenotethe pit .jpeg

Cenote Nicte - ha 

"Water Flower"

Enter the beautiful cavern of "Cenote Nicte-ha", and enjoy the truly unique sight of the open water as we exit the cavern, where the mix of underwater flora, lighting and the occasional turtle visit makes this a mesmerizing experience. 

As Nicte-ha is a less popular cenote, this can make of a less crowded and more relaxed experience. 

Max depth: 6 m 


Certification level: Open Water Diver 


Min dive experience: +35 dives 

*Excellent frog kick required*

Freediver posing in Nicte-Ha, a cavern full of water lilies offering a different underwater landscape near Tulum

Dreamgate 2 dives 

Upstream - Downstream 

Dive one of the most decorated cenotes the Riviera Maya has to offer.  Going through millions of stalactites and stalagmites, this is for sure a dive you'll never forget. 

Dreamgate offers two dives very, very different from each other, one upstream and one downstream.   

To dive Dreamgate, you have to be a buoyancy master, have plenty of dive experience and an excellent frog kick. 

Max depth: 7 m 


Certification level: Advanced Open Water Diver 


Min dive experience: + 50 dives 

*Dreamgate cannot be chosen as a first dive when diving with us*

scuba divers progress in the supernatural landscape of Dreamgate, the most intricately decorated cavern in the RIviera Maya

Price 2 Cenote Dives 

From Playa / Tulum $ 140 US


Equipment rental $ 25 US

(BCD -regulator - torch) 


*Soft equipment is included in the price (mask, fins and wetsuit). 

*Entry fees to the Cenotes are not included in the price*

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