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Other Adventures

One of the main reasons we are drawn to Tulum is, by no small means, the natural environment.  Here the jungle turns into wetlands and forests of mangroves,  all draining into the ocean by way of an underground maze of flooded caves.   The coast gives way to clear warm water that hosts the 1000 km long mesoamerican barrier reef.  All  of these ecosystems giving life to the caribbean coast of the yucatan peninsula create a tropical paradise that we would very much like remain vibrant and beautiful, our life depends on it.

As divers we have the honor of experiencing the natural environments in ways most people never get the chance to.  Depending on your level of training, you too can dive into the cool crystal waters of the cenotes and beyond through a labyrinth of cave passages.  Or perhaps it is your first time breathing under water in a mangrove surrounded pond or on a shallow reef.   Maybe you choose to take a dive course or just do some fun diving.    No matter your choice of activities wherever you dive in the Riviera Maya you will be totally immersed in contact with nature.    

Being so close to nature we are the first to see changes in the underwater environment as well as our own contribution to the deterioration.  Through these interactions we recognize our collective responsibility to do our best in protect the environment we depend on for life and recreation.  As a community, individuals, and Get Wet we would like to introduce you to some of the environmental projects we have been involved in as well as things you can do to step lighter on the earth, causing as little damage as possible to the environment we love to enjoy. 

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