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Do's and Don'ts for being kind to the environment while in Tulum

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

The earth's environmental problems loom over us as a constant threat of an apocalypse created by our own kind, the human race. Everywhere we look and listen the imminent threats of climate change, contamination, mass extinction and the collapse of the planet's delicate systems hang heavy on our hearts. Everywhere we find the same story: ecosystem destruction to create more human habitats, a garbage problem that surpasses authorities ability to deal with it, sewage contaminating the groundwater, and the life of the local flora and fauna threatened. Tulum is no different, we find ourselves destroying the place that nurtures us.

Although as individuals we may feel overwhelmed at size of the environmental issues today, every effort to step lightly upon the earth helps. Here we have prepared ways that you can make tiny changes in your habits, as a comprehensive list of Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts for being kind to the environment while in Tulum

Don't lather on that sun screen.

Do your absolute best to keep toxic chemicals out of the sacred waters you swim in by being responsible with the products you put on your body. Sunscreen and mosquito repellent have ingredients that are detrimental to reefs and cenote ecosystems. So please do not put them on before going in the water or shower before swimming in Tulum's natural wonders.

Coral, who are already threatened by the ravages of climate change, overfishing, algae blooms, bleaching, exotic species, coastal runoff pollution, and disease are weakened even further by ingredients in sunscreen. The use of sunscreen in the Riviera Maya and in the greater Caribbean is being attributed as a leading factor in the damage being done by the white plague. Almost on every dive we do in the ocean in front of Tulum we see the damage on the reef and don't want to make it worse, so avoid sunscreen by covering up in other ways.

Even though some sunscreens are thought to be gentler on the environment than others the science is not completely in on how safe is actually is.

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