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The Team, girls who love SCUBA diving

Woman cave divers after a fun dive at cenote Arco Iris south of Tulum

Happy to be part of what used to be a "Man's World", seems like it isn't the case anymore! More and more hardcore ladies are joining to live the "Diving Dream"to work as dive professionals both in ocean and cavern diving.  


Working and sharing with other lovely super guides, promoting women's empowerment but happy to share with everyone, we came together to create "Get Wet Dive Shop" so we can all have fun under the sun. 

What makes us different? 

Not only we are a "mostly women" shop (don't get us wrong, we have absolutely nothing against men! :P ),  we also take our days with no hurries, and like to work safely and efficiently. For us, it's not important to get the job done as soon as possible, we want to make it right, but most importantly, we want to have fun! When diving with us, you won't be rushed by a dive shop schedule, we take our time and we love to enjoy our days together. That's what makes us different!


Let us show you our reefs, our caverns, our home, so we can have adventures you'll never forget. 

On top of being fantastic at having fun underwater, and living happy days under the sun, we all work in conservation projects, we care about our oceans, our caves, our underwater systems, our water... and love to contribute to the community that allows us to work and live very sweet lives in the Caribbean. 


We invite you to read our Blogs and to asks us questions about our projects and conservation activities. 

Meet the team 

Get wet dive shop scuba instructor

Roxanna Rodriguez

SSI Instructor # 67551 


Location: Tulum 

Nationality: Mexican 


Languages: Spanish, English 

Get wet dive guide on a boat in Playa del Carmen

Karina Cortés

PADI MSDT # 296336

SSI Instructor: 102272

TDI FULL CAVE # 779694

Location: Playa del Carmen  


Nationality: Mexican 


Languages: Spanish, English, French

All the lovely ladies working with us are well trained, licensed and experienced with the surrounding ocean reefs and cenotes. 


- Our dive groups are limited to a maximum of 4 pax per guide unless there are specific situations where this number needs to be reduced.

- We follow all Diving Professional association Standards.

- We consult Wind Guru /Windfinder/Wisuki every day before planning our boat trips and dives. Good thing is that dive conditions in the cenotes are constant and never change! 

- We have an work with and Emergency Action Plan.

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