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backpackers ride a bike on their way to the dive shop in Tulum Mexico

Scuba Diving Tulum

With access to both inland and sea dives, Tulum’s diving scene is a unique mix of cenotes and reefs.

Diving Tulum Reefs

Take the plunge in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

Tulum is home to a huge diversity of wildlife, with what it was a healthy reef ecosystem, this is slowly changing due to the “Stony Coral Tissue Loss”, our coral is in danger and our associations in conservation along with local divers are working hard to conserve and protect our coral reef, where vigilant divers can see lobsters, crabs, groupers, angelfish, eels, stingrays, sergeant majors and hundreds of other tropical fish species. Loggerhead Turtles, Green Turtles, Hawksbill Turtles and eagle rays may also be seen floating along the reef’s edge.

Price $120 US / 2 tanks 

Equipment $20 


(BCD and Regulator) 

*Soft equipment is included in the price (mask, fins and wetsuit). 

A scuba diver enjoys the best scuba diving Tulum has to offer

Tulum night dive 

 - Min 4 pax

The underwater world changes as day creatures retire and nocturnal organisms emerge. If you've wondered what happens underwater after the sun goes down visit the reef at night when the reef wakes up and the coral comes alive.

Price $120 US / Single tank

Equipment $20 


(BCD and Regulator) 

*Soft equipment is included in the price (mask, fins and wetsuit). 


Torch $5 US

Divers enjoying the special sensations of a night dive in Tulum

Cenote + Ocean Combo 

In this combo you'll do your first dive in a beautiful open mangrove cenote with a maximum depth of 7 m / 22 feet that  connects with the ocean and has a very unique environment.


For our second dive we jump on a boat to dive the reefs just in front. The boat ride is only 5 min to the reefs and the maximum depth is 10m / 32 feet. The topography of the place is amazing. 

The price for the combo is $180 US for the 2 dives that includes equipment rental, cenote entry fees, drinking water, lunch and snacks. 

We normally start our day around 9 am and finish around 2 pm - 3 pm depending on how everything goes.

Things to take into consideration

- For certified divers, please note that a Refresher course will be required for any diver who has not dived for 12 months or longer. 

Proof of your last dive will be required when diving with us.


DIVING and FLYING: For multiple dives (2 or more) you must leave 18 hours before getting onto an airplane. For more safety we highly recommend 24 hours. 

- Experience in Night Diving is required, proof of your Adventure dive, or Speciality will be required when diving with us.

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