Whale Shark Tour
Available May-August

whale shark tour.jpg

Every year from May to September, we receive the visit of these gentle giants. 


Over 500 hundred sharks gather around Isla Mujeres open waters to enjoy a feast, making this the biggest whale shark grouping around the world. 


Swimming with the biggest fish in the world is one of the most magical experience you can hope for underwater. 

Things to take into consideration: 


The whale shark is an endangered species and therefore this is a very regulated activity and all rules should be followed at all times. 


- You get 2 jumps per person. 


- You enter the water in pairs, 2 pax at a time and always with a guide. 


- The use of a life jacket at all times is mandatory, on the boat and in the water with the sharks. *Freediving is forbidden*


- You need to keep your distance (2 m / 5-6 ft) away from the shark


- It’s absolutely forbidden to touch the whale shark. 


- The use of sunscreen before jumping in the water is not allowed. Please help us keep their water clean. 


- We recommend you to bring your own water bottles, and use rash guards and hats, the boat is shaded but you can still get a lot of sun. 

- It's a long boat ride, if you usually get sea sick, we highly recommend to take a "Dramamine" 30 min before the trip. 

Tour organization


- The tour leaves early in morning around  5:30 am from Tulum / 6. 30 am from Playa.


- The drive to Punta Sam in Cancun is around 1 hour and a half, where the boats usually leave. 


- We would have the equipment ready (and disinfected) for you. 


- It can take up to 2 hours to get to the whale sharks, depending how far they are, and if they have already been located. 


- After the swim we normally head to “North beach” in Isla Mujeres, (where we stay around the boat, we don’t actually make it to the actual beach, but the water is very nice and shallow), where we have lunch, usually ceviche. 


- After lunch,  we navigate back to Punta Sam (10 min boat ride).

- There will be water, soda and sandwiches available on the boat.

Type of activity: Snorkel 

Experience: no previous experience required. 

Location: Isla Mujeres

Duration: 9-10 hours

Price from Playa $200 US per person 

Price from Tulum $220 US per person

Includes: transportation, park fee, equipment, snacks, lunch and water.